Erica Bloom

Consulting Counselor
Erica Bloom (she/her), Consulting Counselor

Riki has deep experience in counseling in schools. After beginning her career as a teacher in special education, Riki sought training in counseling because she felt she could better serve the needs of children by working with families and schools. She has worked in Bay Area schools for the past thirty years. For more details, see her Linkedin profile.

Riki enjoys working to help children build resilience and community and to help them develop problem-solving capacities, all in service of helping children grow strong, positive social networks. She believes school is a great place to learn behaviors that support community. She is particularly drawn to Narrative Therapy in which children can learn to use language that supports their best selves. A special love for using the arts in healing and wellness informs Riki’s work. In addition, she enjoys bringing playful, accessible ways of being mindful to classroom groups.

Riki will support Walden teachers and children as needed, with a focus on social dynamics and providing support in the event of loss or trauma. She may be found on campus observing a classroom, working with a small group of children, or consulting with teachers.

On a personal note, Riki is a dancer and practitioner of Tai Chi. Walking in nature and practicing mindfulness sustain her.


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