Susana Aragón

Visual Arts
Susana Aragón (she/her), Visual Arts

Susana brings over thirty years of rich, diverse experience in the arts and education to Walden where she teaches art. Beginning in the early 1980s, Susana worked with toddlers and preschoolers in disadvantaged communities in Lima, Peru, and she work in a regional educational project, Nuestros Niños Nuestro Futuro, in Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru. She has produced and art directed many video installations, performances, multimedia shows, video poetry, sculptures, three-dimensional objects, poetry gatherings, graphic design projects, and cultural promotion projects in Peru, France, Japan, Mexico, Chile, Canada, and Poland. Under the name Arias y Aragon, she has won many prizes in photography, painting, and film. She edited the photo poetry book Altars in Peru(trilingual edition).

Most recently prior to joining Walden, she taught art at the Marsh Youth Theater in San Francisco and at schools in the Berkeley Unified School District, focusing on videography, claymation, 3D art, visual-movement-word, and experiences that combine drama and art.

Susana works in education and the arts because, as she puts it, “I feel these are the main fields that will develop whole human beings that may create a balanced peace culture.”


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