Gabriela Lustosa

Foundation Member
Gabriela Lustosa (she / her), Former Walden Parent

Gabi Lustosa fell in love with Walden as soon as she stepped into it for the first time. Her son started in the Lower Group in 2015. Gabi moved from Rio de Janeiro to California in 2003 after finishing her biology bachelors degree in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

She also received a teaching credential and has deep experience in education. She spent three years teaching at a private high school in Rio and then moved to an elementary school teaching environmental education. She also participated in a variety of projects in the area of social environmental education, mostly with under-privileged communities. In California Gabi worked as a teaching assistant in a classroom for children with disabilities. In 2013 she participated in the Hand in Hand Certification Program and has being teaching parenting classes ever since. She owns and runs a small family daycare in El Cerrito.

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