COVID-19 Masking Update

UPDATE 4.28.22 
Indoor Masking
In an abundance of caution, the Walden Collective has decided that students and teachers will continue to mask indoors for the remainder of the school year. Outdoor masking will continue to be optional, assuming no major changes in the transmission rates in Alameda County. 

UPDATE 3.10.22
Dear Walden Families,

After careful consideration of the city, county, state and federal recommendations, the Walden Collective has decided that beginning Monday, March 14, 2022, outdoor masking will become optional although still recommended. 

For classes that are taught outdoors, the teacher will decide whether students should continue to wear masks for the class or not. This will vary by individual teacher.

We are particularly encouraging our unvaccinated students to continue to wear masks outdoors, and anyone may choose to mask outdoors at any time. As a community we ask that we all respect individual, staff, and family choices around masking on and after March 14th.

Please be aware that the masking situation is dynamic. We will continue to monitor COVID-19 transmission levels in Alameda County and will reassess regularly. The CDC has assigned colors to transmission levels: Green/Low, Yellow/Medium, Red/High (see below). If the transmission levels in Alameda County reaches Red/High, the requirement for outdoor masking may be reinstated, at least until the transmission levels become lower. Any change in masking requirements will be promptly communicated to the community.

CDC community level checker/guidance.

For the time being, indoor masking is still required. We are trying to balance the safety and well-being of all members of our community. The teachers are a vital part of our community and indoor masking will help the teaching staff feel more protected working with our students. 

Please continue to help your child wear the mask with the best fit and filtration that they will tolerate. 

CDPH Face covering guidance

Please let the COVID Team know of any questions or concerns.

Take care,
The COVID Team for the Walden Collective