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K-6 Music Teacher and Administrator

We are seeking a dynamic, enthusiastic music teacher who has experience with whole-child education encompassing academic, social, emotional, and physical development, and who loves teaching children. If you have a vision of building a close-knit community, of working with kids, parents, and a small committed team of teachers, this may be the engaging, invigorating, satisfying job you are looking for.

Walden Center and School is a leader in progressive elementary education and collective administration. Our school has a rich history of teaching creative minds and alternative thinkers over the last 60 years, with a strong commitment to a fully-integrated arts curriculum. All of our students have Spanish, Music, Drama, and Visual Art with specialists twice weekly. Here you’ll find child-centered education at its best. Our approach to teaching makes learning a multisensory, joyful, and lasting experience. We cultivate a diverse community of learners, families, and teachers to create a secure and textured learning environment. Walden students love to go to school. We are a school run by a collective. Decision-making is consensus-based. We are a small school with big ideas and a big heart where children love to learn and teachers love to teach.

In addition to classroom teaching, the music teacher will become part of our teaching collective. This means helping to run our school by way of weekly staff meetings, committee work, and other administrative duties with a focus on process as well as performance. 

job description

This position is for teaching music to children grades K-6 in mixed-grade classes. The music teacher will develop and implement a supportive classroom culture and robust curriculum that makes learning music fun, that inspires children to create music that they feel proud of, and to develop a love of music. Walden teachers practice flexibility, openness, and keen observation to fully engage students and support their joy of learning and cultural awareness. We believe that this approach honors different learning styles and life experiences. We utilize a variety of assessment tools to inform our teaching, and do not administer formal tests or give grades. 

Responsibilities Include:
  • Create an engaging and age-appropriate, multi-sensory music program.
  • Communicate effectively about student progress and behavior with other staff as
  • requested.
  • Attend and support assemblies and events.
  • Attend and participate in weekly staff meetings.
  • Participate in administrative responsibilities to run the school.
  • Bachelor’s or equivalent degree (Music education degree preferred)
  • 3+ years experience teaching general music at the elementary level
  • Ability to design an inspiring, child-centered, and developmentally appropriate music curriculum
  • Ability and interest in teaching and developing an appreciation for music from a variety of cultural traditions
  • Ability to create lessons that incorporate anti-bias approaches and philosophy
  • Ability to adapt instruction to meet the needs of students with diverse learning profiles
  • Appreciation of developmental differences across age levels
  • Experience and skills with working in a collaborative environment
  • Ability to interact positively within a diverse community of students, parents, and teachers
  • Strong classroom management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Elementary Teaching Credential
  • Responsive Classroom training
  • Some knowledge of Orff Schulwerk approach
  • Experience and skills in school or small business administration
  • This is a salaried position.
  • Teaching days 3 days a week, 8:45-3:15, with additional administrative and collaborative meeting time each week.
  • 3 days a week
  • $47,524 /year
  • Medical, Dental & Vision

Please send a resume and cover letter addressing your philosophy of education to hiring@waldencenterschool.org and add “Music Hiring” to the subject line.

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