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K-6 Creative Art Teacher (Berkeley, CA)

Walden Center and School is a leader in progressive elementary education and collective administration. Our Walden Center and School seeks a dynamic art teacher to join our teaching collective in the fall of 2022. Our K-6 school has a rich history of teaching creative minds for over 60 Years, with a strong commitment to arts education and a variety of art media experience. All of our students have art, music, drama twice weekly in small groups (8 – 15 students). We have an enthusiastic school community that loves coming together to share creative energy.

We are looking for someone who does not want to teach by the book – someone who has the passion, energy, and mindset to inspire children to create art that they feel proud of. In addition to classroom teaching, the art teacher will become part of our teaching collective. This means helping to run our school by way of weekly three-hour staff meetings, committee work, and other administrative duties.

If you are looking for a traditional top-down, punch-clock system, this isn’t it. On the other hand, if you have a vision for working with kids, parents, and a small, committed team of teachers, this may be the engaging, invigorating, satisfying job you are looking for.

job description

This position is (.60) of a fulltime position, equivalent to 3 teaching days a week.
Benefits: Medical, Dental & Vision.  
This is a salaried position.

Responsibilities Include:
  • Create, plan and teach art lessons for K-6 grade
  • Create an engaging and age-appropriate, multi-sensory program
  • Communicate effectively about student learning and behavior with students’ other teachers.
  • Meet with mentor
  • Meet weekly for staff meeting from 3-6 pm
  • Attend and support administrative committees, community events and assemblies
  • 3 years of experience teaching Art at the elementary level
  • BA in Art or Education or equivalent
  • Ability to design an inspiring, child-centered, and developmentally appropriate art curriculum
  • Experience creating a positive classroom culture and safe space for expression.
  • Experience supporting diverse learning profiles through different media projects.
  • Ability to adapt instruction to meet the needs of students in a multi-grade setting
  • Strong classroom community-building/management skills
  • Experience with and enjoys working in a collaborative environment
  • Flexibility in problem-solving classroom and administrative issues
  • Ability to work within a diverse community of students, parents, and teachers
  • Commitment to participate in collectively administering the school using a consensus model
  • Excellent communication skills
  • 3+ years of experience teaching Art at the elementary level
  • Experience and skills in school or small business administration

Please send a cover letter of interest and your CV to: 2022arthiring@gmail.com

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