A Walden Education: Parents and teachers share their thoughts on Walden Center and School.

Walden is a school that really encourages young people to be their full selves. I chose Walden because I really wanted my son to be somewhere where he would be seen for all that is is, where his teachers could help him grow and learn and thrive. This is a place where teachers can see each child for who they are. For their unique strengths and really support their individual and unique learning needs.
-Eva Goodfriend-Reaño, Parent and Former Walden Student

At Walden, the goal is to foster the joy of learning, not just to learn for the sake of learning.
-Parent, Great Schools

Walden’s teachers are so amazing. They are kind, and develop a solid level of trust with the kids, which allows the kids to really learn, grow and take academic risks.
-Parent, Great Schools

Our son just blossomed into this wonderful kid because he felt more nurtured, he felt more heard. He had more independence as well, and was encouraged to challenge his teachers.
-Jaclyn Burleigh, Parent