Fall Townhall

Join us for our Fall Townhall November 9.

5:00pm – Snacks
5:30 – 6:30 Event
Walden Studio
Zoom and Recording Available
Childcare Available

  • Introductions
  • Announcements & Reports
  • Ways to Get Involved
  • Q&A

Walden Community Info Night

Join us as Alix and Christy host a Zoom tour and tutorial of the Walden Community Website (with bonus info about SchoolCues as well!)

  1. Why use the Walden Community Website?
  2. How to set Email Preferences
  3. How, Where, and Why to Post
  4. How to reply to posts
  5. Where to find the info you need
  6. How to upload photos
  7. What Groups can you join?
  8. Your questions….answered!

Fall 2023 Covid Protocol

If your child is feeling unwell, or has symptoms of covid*, keep them home and test for covid. 

Walden no longer runs covid tests at school. We do have a limited supply of test kits, which you may take home. If your child comes to school with symptoms that cannot be explained by a different, non-contagious reason (allergies, for example) teachers will send student to the office, and the office will call home for you to pick up your child. If your child does have a chronic condition that resembles a covid symptom (chronic cough, allergies, for example) please note this in their emergency medical forms in SchoolCues.

*Runny nose, cough, fever, headache, shortness of breath, malaise, respiratory distress

Walden will return to school-wide masking when the CDC, CDPH, and/or ACPHD recommend universal masking in schools.  There are epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists actively monitoring the state of covid at the local, state, and national level who are in a better position to judge the value of universal masking in preventing the spread of covid, and we should follow their recommendations.